Loopex is technologically developed platform, equipped with advanced trading tools that make cryptocurrency exchange process simple and automate. Also, some more important features of the Loopex platform are low trading fees (0.1%) and integration of XLP token for further reduction of commissions. By paying with XLP token, our customers receive a 50% discount on all exchange transactions. Status VIP will be assigned to users who will have 400 000 XLP or more on their Loopex account.

Trading for VIP customers on Loopex is Free!

A unique way for obtaining VIP status, is to purchase at least 30 000 XLP ($ 195) during the IEO stage. IEO investors will retain VIP status until April 1, 2020. It is important to know that if the IEO Investor gets VIP status and then sells purchased tokens, in the future, he will have opportunity to restore status by filling his Loopex account with up to 30 000 XLP instead of 400 000 XLP tokens.


Customer trust is the most valuable asset for Loopex. Therefore, we made a decision to conduct IEO after the launch of the exchange. Total number of XLP tokens is 1 000 000 000 from which 400 000 000 XLP (40% of the total) will be sold during the IEO. The price of 1 (one) XLP during the IEO stage will be $ 0.0065. Thus, the total amount of collections will be $ 2 600 000. It is planned to use these funds for the platform development, marketing and growth of Loopex team. 5 000 000 XLP will be spent on Airdrop and Bounty, remaining coins will be reserved for the Loopex Fund.

XLP tokens will be officially available only on our website www.loopex.io until the end of the IEO. Loopex IEO will automatically end after 60 days, or after 400 000 000 XLP tokens are being sold.

Immediately, after completion of the IEO, tokens will officially be available in pairs XLP/BTC, XLP/ETH for open market trade.

In order to increase the company's profit in the future, we are planning to purchase back and then burn tokens, that will automatically cause an increase in their price.The buyback plan of XLP tokens by the company will be officially announced in the first quarter of 2019.

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