Loopex – Your door into the cryptocurrency World!

Loopex is a cryptocurrency service platform. We create crypto-financial center with the help of advanced blockchain technologies. The project aims to simplify and secure users’ trade with crypto assets. Our team does everything to make your trading as convenient and inexpensive as possible. It is necessary to have a bitcoin account in order to store bitcoins safely and avoid getting hacked when exchanging cryptocurrency. Click here to learn more about creating bitcoin account and start safe trading.

Our Advantages

Strong, success-oriented team

Our team consists of professionals from cryptocurrency, programming, finance and jurisprudence fields.

Innovative ideas

Loopex is one of the few platforms, which will be able to provide opportunity for customers to trade with cryptocurrency paired with fiat currency. Trading on Loopex.io will be convenient, fast and reliable. Several other trading platforms/app are available for trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Buyer krypto roboter is one of the most significant app that performs automated trading with high profit outcomes. This bot focuses on price variations in Bitcoin and executes trade.

Minimum commissions

Trade commission for crypto and fiat currency exchange on our platform will not exceed 3%, commission for exchanging cryptocurrency pairs will not exceed 0.25%. Fee for transferring cryptocurrency from the platform to third-party wallets will be minimized by using advanced blockchain technologies. Platform will not charge a percentage from the cost of transaction. Our clients will fully control their assets.

Aiming for constant development

The development of Loopex ecosystem is composed of many phases, information will consistently be provided to you. Our team of professionals is systematically working on improving and expanding the platform.


1. Market analysis100%Finished
2. Collecting legal information, consulting with advisors100%Finished
3. Action plan development100%Finished
4. Working on the platform design90%Proccesing
5. Platform development
6. Creating Loop Coin0%Pending
7. Crypto-currency wallets and payment systems integration0%Pending
8. Testing the platform0%Pending
9. Launching the beta version of the platform0%Pending
10. Launching the platform0%Pending
11. Phase II0%Pending

ICO Service

The launch of ICO is much more than creating a token and issuing a whitepaper, this requires an integrated, strategic approach that should be applied to all the main areas. On Loopex platform, we provide all necessary technical and marketing services for ICO launching. Teaming up with Loopex can give a successful start to your project! For further information, please contact us.


Convenient Launch of ICO

Investors will not have to register on various sites, create electronic wallets and undergo complex verification stages to purchase tokens of your project. By using Loopex platform, the process of buying tokens will be simplified as much as possible.

Token Listing

After the completion of ICO, token of your project will be listed on Loopex exchange for trading. This will help to avoid problems with liquidity from the very beginning.

Marketing Opportunities

On Loopex platform, you will be able to carry out various marketing campaigns, attract investors through methods such as Airdrop and Bounty, constantly keep interest on your project at a high level.

Public Relations Management

We will upload detailed information about your project on our site, create news headlines and banners, which will improve communication with potential investors and increase the credit of trust towards your company.


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