VIP status allows the customer to trade on the Loopex platform for free. To obtain the status, the user must own 400 000 XLP or more on his exchange account.

One more way for obtaining VIP status, is to purchase at least 30 000 XLP ($ 195) during the ICO stage. ICO investors will retain VIP status until April 1, 2020. It is important to know that if the ICO Investor gets VIP status and then sells purchased tokens, in the future, he will have opportunity to restore status by filling his Loopex account with up to 30 000 XLP instead of 400 000 XLP tokens.

Every week we will distribute 5% of the platform’s weekly profit earned from collection of trading commissions between ten most active VIP traders. In order to receive a reward, the user must be in the top 10 traders list of the Loopex platform by weekly trading volume.

The distribution of funds between the ten most active VIP traders will occur as follows:
The first five VIP traders by weekly trading volume will receive 0.75% of the platform’s weekly profit, the remaining five will receive 0.25% each.

Tokens will be accrued to users once a week. The program will be launched on June 03, 2019 at 09:00 UTC + 00:00. Additional information will be posted on our website and social networks.

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