The Loopex exchange platform is equipped with various features giving users possibilities for placing different types of orders. We offer our clients the opportunity to trade with conventional Market Orders and Limit Orders, as well as more professional Stop Orders, Smart Orders and Trailing Stops. A rich arsenal of trading tools on the Loopex platform allows users to make trading process as much automated as possible, which in turn increases opportunity for risk minimization and profit growth even in the absence of constant access to the exchange. The platform offers following options of placing orders:

Market (Market Order)

This order is a request, which shows user's willingness to buy or sell the asset at the current bid price or demand price prevailing on the market.

Limit (Limit Order)

With this order, user can set maximum price at which he is willing to buy or minimum price at which he is ready to sell the asset. Placing an order with price limitation gives opportunity to users for making a deal at a price, which is not lower/higher than specified in the order.


This order turns into a Market Order, once the market price reaches the price (trigger price) specified in user's order.


This order represent a combination of two types of orders: Stop and Limit. After the market price reaches the user specified price (trigger price), earlier prepared Limit Order will be placed automatically.


This order is a combination of two independent Stop-Market orders. After the market price reaches one of the two prices specified by user (Trigger Price 1, Trigger price 2), Stop Order will be placed with consideration of the activated trigger price. The second order (Trigger Price) will be canceled. Smart Orders provide opportunity for simultaneous placement of Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as development of various purchase strategies.


Smart-Limit orders have the same features as Smart-Market orders. The difference is that the Smart-Limit is a combination of two independent Stop-Limit orders. This allows user to place an order with limitation of the maximum purchase price and the minimum selling price.

Trailing Stop

Using this type of order gives trader an opportunity to minimize risks and at the same time increase his capital without any limitations. To place such order, user must specify the number of coins he wants to buy/sell, and indicate the distance to which the Trailing Stop will fall behind the market price. For example, in case of selling an asset, the user sets the distance to which the Trailing Stop must fall behind the market price, and indicates the number of coins he wants to sell. If the market price moves up, Trailing Stop will follow it and distance between them will not change. If market price falls down, Trailing Stop level will freeze and the distance between two prices will be reduced. When the distance reaches zero, the level of Trailing Stop will be the same as the market price and the Market Order with pre-defined number of coins will be placed automatically. With this tool, users can easily minimize amount of anticipated losses without any limitation to probable profits.

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